Graphic Designer for print and digital.

Core Concepts Science Databases

Art direction and interface design for Rosen Digital's award-winning science databases: Biology, Chemistry and the Periodic Table.

Working closely with our developers and editors, I helped transform our existing database platform with a cleaner, more modern interface. I created static mockups in Photoshop for approval, and "reskinned" (ouch) the existing HTML/CSS for launch.

* All Core Concepts logos created by our marketing department.

Article page - Biology

Core Concepts:Biology graphics

Article page - Chemistry

Core Concepts:Chemistry graphics

Badge graphics - Chemistry

Core Concepts:Chemistry badge graphics

Homepage — Periodic Table

Core Concepts: Periodic Table graphics

Hover state showing periodic trends

Core Concepts: Periodic Table graphics

Cavendish Square Digital

Art direction, UI and UX.

The challenge of this project was to modernize the browsing experience for the Marshall Cavendish databases, a massive (and growing) collection of reference titles.

My approach was to create a grid of thumbnail images for each title with a preview and link on click/touch.

Homepage browse

CSQ homepage

expanded section with description and link

CSQ homepage

Article browse/landing page for the Aquatic World database

CSQ title page

Interactive SVG map for It's My State database

CSQ homepage

Spotlight on Space Science

Art direction and Layout.

A 14-book print/digital series for young space scientists, published January 2015.

Cover designs

SOSS covers


SOSS interiors
SOSS interiors
SOSS interiors